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Designated Substances


During renovation, repair or demolition activities the disturbance of designated substances is possible.  EMI can assist you in determining the existence and location of building materials containing substances such as asbestos, lead, mercury, silica, etc. within your workplace and develop management or remediation strategies in any given situation. It is the building owner’s responsibility to determine the location of hazardous materials and designated substances prior to disturbing building materials during demolition or renovation activities.   There are eleven designated substances which are of particular concern due their ability to cause serious occupational illnesses.  Let us assist you in making your project safe and successful.


-The Occupational Health and Safety Act – Section 30

-Ontario Regulation 490/09 – Designated Substances (applies to the eleven currently  designated substances)

-Ontario Regulation 278/05 – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and  Repair Operations

-Environmental Protection Act – R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 347 – General Waste  Management


– Designated substances surveys

– Designated substance management plans

– Contractor procurement, tendering and bidding management

– Abatement specification development

– Inspection and testing services during abatement

– Awareness training

Designated Substances:

– Acrylonitrile  

– Arsenic 

– Asbestos 

– Benzene

– Coke Oven Emissions 

– Ethylene Oxide 

– Isocyanates

– Lead 

– Mercury 

– Silica 

– Vinyl Chloride