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Clandestine Drug Lab Assessments (Meth Labs)


The term “Clandestine Lab” is generally used in any situation involving the production of illicit compounds, regardless of whether the facilities being used qualify as a true laboratory.  The primary drug produced in these laboratories is Methamphetamine (Meth Lab).  Residential dwellings or mobile laboratories become significantly contaminated during the cooking process from the various chemical compounds used as precursors, as well as the final products themselves.  Our consultants can provide assessments to determine the scope of contamination, develop an appropriate remediation plan and provide post-remediation inspection and testing services to ensure that the building is fit for occupancy.

Standards / Guidelines:

-American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) – “Clandestine  Methamphetamine  Laboratory Assessment and Remediation  Guidance”


– Detailed site investigations

– Remediation specification development

– Contractor procurement, quote & bid evaluations for remediation

– Remediation inspection and testing services

– Surface sampling for chemical residues