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Water Quality Testing


The quality of water being dispensed, consumed or used in our recreational lives is of the utmost importance in maintaining safe eco-systems and ensuring safe potable water sources for human consumption. It is the chemicals, microbiological organisms and organic/inorganic contaminants that can pose serious health effects to a population. Water quality testing should be performed routinely and conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and guidelines.


-Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standard (Ontario Regulation 169/03)

-Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries Regulation (Ontario Regulation 243/07)

-Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002


– Sampling for metals, nutrients, micro, pH and inorganic

– Sewer (effluent) by-law compliance testing

– Daycare/Nurseries Lead-in drinking water testing

– Potable water testing

– New Construction (pre-occupancy testing)

– Recommendations for corrective measures